This app will work pay close attention to the protection of personal information related to your privacy.
In this application, there is a case to have you provide personal information at the discretion of your own, but the minimum necessary information that information, we will respect the decision of the customer concerning offer other information.

Collection of personal information

Manage in an appropriate manner the personal information provided by customers, such as the loss or leakage of your personal information is not to occur, this app will take reasonable measures.

Provision and presentation of personal information

Personal information The application is provided by you from the customer, never the exception of a case where the provisions of laws and regulations, and are provided and presentation to third parties without prior consent person himself.

Inquiry from the person himself

If this application is required to correct or inquire about personal information of the person in question, I will deal properly received on take the confirmation.

For your consent

In our application, we believe that the customer is Upon using this application, folded with the consent with the idea for the handling of personal information on this application.
In addition, the use of this app, and it shall be done at your own risk. Please note that there is a possibility in the future, be revised without notice what has been described here.

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